DocumentUserText - Refreshing Displacement

I was trying to debug an issue I’ve been seeing with DocumentUserText fields being duplicated several times whilst working on a project, and noticed that when I deleted the DocumentUserText in the document (to be replaced later) that a displacement in my document was refreshed (so in a Layout View, it starting Creating Meshes… and 10%, 20% etc.).

Does DocumentUserText associate itself to objects other than text? (3d objects?)


Are you aware of this?

@Jonathan_Hutchinson1 do you have a simple model to repeat this? @John_Brock, please make a YT issue for this.

I’ve mailed Steve. Maybe the example is revealing in some way, maybe not. I hope it is.

I think the matter of the document text being exported with objects which have no relation to the document text, is probably more questionable. Unless it’s by design? I know Layouts aren’t included in an Export Selected for example.

Edit: I’m also seeing this on a similar document when adding a layout - Creating Meshes 10,20 etc. If that’s the expected behaviour, then that’s fine I suppose really.

Was my test model okay? Did you manage to reproduce this?

I was able to reproduce this, thanks. I have passed this on to the appropriate developer