DocumentUserText - Refreshing Displacement

I was trying to debug an issue I’ve been seeing with DocumentUserText fields being duplicated several times whilst working on a project, and noticed that when I deleted the DocumentUserText in the document (to be replaced later) that a displacement in my document was refreshed (so in a Layout View, it starting Creating Meshes… and 10%, 20% etc.).

Does DocumentUserText associate itself to objects other than text? (3d objects?)


Are you aware of this?

@Jonathan_Hutchinson1 do you have a simple model to repeat this? @John_Brock, please make a YT issue for this.

I’ve mailed Steve. Maybe the example is revealing in some way, maybe not. I hope it is.

I think the matter of the document text being exported with objects which have no relation to the document text, is probably more questionable. Unless it’s by design? I know Layouts aren’t included in an Export Selected for example.

Edit: I’m also seeing this on a similar document when adding a layout - Creating Meshes 10,20 etc. If that’s the expected behaviour, then that’s fine I suppose really.

Was my test model okay? Did you manage to reproduce this?

I was able to reproduce this, thanks. I have passed this on to the appropriate developer

Hi Steve,

Should displacement never refresh when in wireframe mode? I’ve had some examples of it doing this when I used Andy LeBihans PurgeTextureMappingTable plugin.

@andy would be the best person to help here.

Thanks Steve.

Who’s best to report a bug to about Document Text?

I’m still persisting in seeing a problem where copying and pasting certain objects from older models of mine for some reason adds a load (5-10) of document text entries from these models. These are purely 3D objects that are pasted too.

Maybe the best thing would be a purge on document text, so if it’s not referenced somewhere in the document it could be removed.

I’ll add an example soon. Just wondered if there’s any light that can be shed on this.