Document User Text when inserting as a block

I set up some document level Usertext in Model1.3dm, then inserted Model1.3dm as a block into Model2.3dm. I expected the Model1.3dm document usertext to appear as block object Usertext in Model2.3dm. That did not happen. Instead, the Model1.3dm document Usertext was copied into Model2.3dm’s document Usertext. This action does not overwrite existing matching document usertext keys, but seems like the wrong approach.

In my opinion, the document level Usertext of Model1.3dm when inserted as a block into Model2.3dm should become block object Usertext.

What we want to do is have small 3dm files that include object geometry and document level usertext weight data for objects such as valves, then have that appear in the inserted block object’s Usertext.

Hello - can you add the user text as object Attribute User Text?