Dimensions: Text fields get lost on export

When exporting from a model to a new Rhino .3dm file, all exported text fields loose their connections and are displayed as “####” in the exported model.

WISH: Either the GUIDs stored in the text field functions have to be updated during export or at least the function has to be replaced by the actual value at time of export to get some reasonable result in the exported file.

Hi fabian,

I’m not seeing this here. Can you post a file and a screen shot of what you see when the text is correct?

Hi Brian,

I think Fabian might be referring to exporting text fields separate from the geometry they are deriving their data from:

I agree that this is not very useful when for instance exporting for a layout file.
Maybe the mechanism should be to “bake” the text when exporting without the reference geometry.

This topic raises a question:
Is there an option to “bake” the text in any way? That would be a good feature to prevent unwanted changes to a textfield.

Say I have a floorplan, with the surface area’s annotated.
Yet in a second stage I want to delete the surface and replace them with their duplicated borders.
Then I would want to bake the textfields first to prevent loss of area annotation.

For V6 I think the textfield should be extended with functionality that:

  • Warns for lost connections in textfields (much like we have a History warning system)
  • Bakes the textfield information into regular text.
  • Replaces geometry ID’s ( a way to edit a textfield and swap one connected object with another) That would make it a lot easier to quickly copy-edit textfield annotations.


Brian: You’re right.I have to apologize for not checking this in a simple test file.
In my working file I had the same leaders duplicated on multiple layers and during the export some of the dimensions got exported without their referenced curves (because those were on a different layer). If everything gets exported together, it actually works fine.

Willem: I would support your wish that in R6 lost connections in textfields should be checked and the user be presented with an option to “bake” the text.


Hi Willem and Fabian,

Thanks for the clarification and the ideas here. I think we could make things easier and I’ll file some requests like a broken link warning. In the meantime here are a couple techniques that should help.

If you Explode the associative dimension of area or curve length the dimension will become regular text. The Leader will become curves which isn’t wanted probably so to fix that, select the leader arrow head and use Hatch to make it a solid black fill. Then Group the leader curves and hatch together with the text.

You can copy and paste the object ID from the What dialog into the Dimension object property to replace the object it is tied to.