_DocumentPropertiesPage issue


When opening "Document propertieas panel, both with command lin “_DocumentPropertiesPage” or eg. pushing “dimension style”

the panel dosn’t give the possibility to clic on any option exept the list on the left column.

As shown the “predefined” tab is wide as all panel,

and when i clic on an optiion eg where there is the arrow, what happens is that thew option choose is not “Testo” (text) but “Aggiornamenti e statistiche” (updates and stats)


Try running Rhino in English.


With Rhino 5 in Italian this does not happens!

My guess is because in Rhino6 they completely re-developed the UI using C# and WPF.

Your problem may be due to bug in the Italian locale. That’s why I told you to start (re-install) Rhino with English UI.

Yes, definitely possible - doesn’t happen here in French. I don’t know who is responsible at McNeel Europe for Italian - @giuseppe?


How to start Rhino in English?

If you installed English in addition to Italian originally, it will be available in the uppermost dropdown list under Appearance (Aspetto?), you can change it there. You will need to close and restart Rhino for the change to take effect.

If you didn’t install English originally when you installed Rhino (it will not be in the dropdown list above), you will need to add it. To do so, close Rhino, go to Windows Control panel > Programs > Uninstall or change a program, find Rhino 6 in the list, right click and choose “Change”. In the dialog that comes up, click “Modify”, “Select languages” and add English, then press the “install now” button. When done, go back to Rhino and do as in the first paragraph above to choose English.

The problem is that to choose Englisch appearanace you are in the same panel that gives error, i can choose appearenace but than i cannot change langueage

Ahh… Catch 22. :confounded:

Well, if you did install English, try copying the following script file to your desktop, then from inside Rhino type _RunPythonScript, browse to the script and open. Then close Rhino, and re-open. If all goes well, Rhino will then be in English…

RhinoToEnglish.py (148 Bytes)

Stil opens in Italian
the problem is still there

Hmm, OK, the script works here to change languages, hang on, I’m going to install Italian here.

OK, Italian installed, I am not seeing the same problem as you:

What service release of Rhino are you running? The latest? Is your graphics card driver up to date?

Those are question that i dont’ know how to answer

Now, using “TAB” i can move throug fields
Cannot go inside of quote property, but can change langueage, i got only Italian
how to install english?

For the SR version, Help>About (Aiuti>Informationi su Rhino).

That’s why the script didn’t work. From my post above:

Close Rhino, go to Windows Control panel > Programs >Uninstall or change a program, find Rhino 6 in the list, right click and choose “Change”. In the dialog that comes up, click “Modify”, “Select languages” and add English, then press the “install now” button.

Then you can either try to set English via Options, or try the script again.

Is it possible that I can’t find Rhino into program list? :scream::scream:

This link is on how to add languages in Rhino 6.
Having said that, please type: _SystemInfo (enter) on the command line and paste the content.
If you need to email me in Italian: giuseppe@mcneel.com


Installed English, it’s working
Back to Italian, is still not working
I’ll procede with english till the bug is fixed

Thanks to everybody :wink:

Adding a language will get you going, but I’m afraid it will not fix anything.
I was asking for your Rhino SystemInfo so that we can look into the problem.
Without that we don’t have a place to start.