BUG: DocumentUserText stuck in loop until rhino crashes


We are using the DocumentUserText feature a lot. Now, recently we have been experiencing some trouble with it when creating more and more keys. Our current amount of keys we use is about 500. At this point updating a value often takes 10 seconds. What seems to make this worst is that in the Rhino file all keys are getting updated, not only the key which value you have changed. Occasionally this process even gets stuck in a loop, where keys keep getting updated (it looks quite cool, a bit like an old train schedule board flipping trough text) and rhino crashes. This problem does not seem to be related to a specific computer, specific DocumentUserText keys or anything of the sort but only the sheer amount of keys in use.

Now, it would help us a lot that if one changes a value, only that one gets updated instead of all DocumentUserTexts so that we can keep using this feature without a fear of crashing.

My questions are the following:

  1. Is this a bug?
  2. Has anyone found a workaround to use a lot of keys?

Thanks in advance!

@Trav - any ideas? I have not tested this yet.


@sol1 if possible could you email me (travis@mcneel) or post an example 3dm here that’s near the point of having the issue so that I can try to recreate.