Document-specific render selection

Hi all -

I have been having fun trying out a new render engine (Bella Render), side-by-side with our current production render engine (Maxwell).

I am curious to know why the render engine setting is a global setting, and not a document-specific one: some projects might use one, others another, but when I change the render engine in one, they all open with that newly selected render engine.

The problem is I think some things get lost in translation. I think, for example, that Maxwell materials get converted into Rhino materials, and lose the “referenced” attribute if the current renderer is not Maxwell. This means I have to be careful not to open a file with the wrong render engine as the “global” engine.

I would love to propose that this setting become document-specific, with the caveat that there are surely ramifications I am not familiar with…!



Hi Tom - I do not know how feasible that is. For now, if you open a file with the ‘wrong’ renderer active, you can change that Revert to get the file open again from scratch.


Hi Pascal - thanks for the “Revert” tip. Will try it.

The problem is that there are sometimes weeks between render sessions, so by the time I realize the wrong render is selected the file has been saved/overwritten several times…

I also noticed that the “Current Render” setting is found in the Document options, but it doesn’t look like it sticks, and behaves like it was a global setting.