Do you miss T-Splines?

Hi, has any of you heard of (or tried ) this new T-Splines replacement called XirusCAD?
They offer a free trial download at Novedge .
I would love to know what you think.

I’ve seen a couple of demos. I asked more about it recently because I’m interested in their stuff, but it’s seems there’s not much activity.

And I have not seen any post from their developers since November last year. One of the last posts from @Daniel_Schmitter was about taking them more that 10 months to release a Grasshoper component!: Any plans to offer Xirus Grasshopper components?

They have gone more quiet than a Clayoo, if you know what I mean.


xiruscad is really active.
they released the v1.
it’s working and pretty stable but the interface still lack of developing.
it’s a bit cumberstone at the moment.

It’s great to know they are working on this. The technology is impressive, the use cases they showed were very strange and I could not comment on the interface because they never showed any. Do you know what’s their plan to get this part right? By when?

Hi Gustavo,
Indeed we’re more than alive (have a look at the mirrakoi channels, where we post & publish regularly:,


ASAP as well!

We are releasing updates almost every week. It’s the feedback of power users like you and @skysurfer that help us improve the product more quickly. We’re trying our best to prioritize between new feature requests, UX/UI simplification, example tutorials, and technical support (i.e. we just did a complete overhaul of our online documentation at

We’re moving forward but of course it can never be fast enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Btw: are you attending D3D LIVE in the UK in 2 weeks? I’d be delighted to continue the conversation we had last time in Boston with Hirschtick and co (ref: creating whole surfaces from complete curve networks, more intuitive freeform design, etc).


Thanks for the feedback Riccardo!
Will connect with you per email shortly: would love to get your opinion on how and where you would like to see concrete improvements (and also drop by your shop in Milano :laughing:).


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@Daniel_Schmitter I’ll be happy to host you at my studio and share with you my tought.
let’s connect by email… I’ve an idea.
…and keep developing!

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