Do we have a memory leak?

Have just a simple 1 Mb file open…

Memory use registers as 27+ Gb !!!
(6.9.18253.21101, 10-09-18)

Totally weird.

Not enough information there to know.
Are you loading plug-ins?
Does the file load a bunch of external files?
Can you send us the file?

A memory leak grows over time. You can’t tell by just opening a file.
If you take note the Rhino memory usage, then run a command over and over, the command allocates memory to do it’s job and releases the memory when it’s done.
If the command releases less memory than it allocated, that’s a “memory leak” and the memory used by Rhino grows over time.
Closing Rhino releases all of the memory.

Normally closing the FILE should release the memory. If it doesn’t then there is something very wrong. This started out as a new blank file from a template, two .dxf’s were imported is all. This is something I do every day for the last (decline to state) number of years…

size_matters.3dm (1.2 MB)

250 MB here, Mitch, so far…


Here is a new, blank file…

So Rhino is not releasing memory when I close a file by opening a new one…

Closing and restarting Rhino didn’t help much…

Gonna need to reboot the computer I think…

Yeah - also check if you start with ‘No template’ just in case, as well.


Nope, no change there…

OK, I checked on plug-ins that don’t ship with Rhino just in case and I have 2 entries - RhinoCAM 2018 which is disabled (deliberately) and RhinoArt1FileExporter - which I guess gets installed with RhinoCAM and was enabled - as I didn’t even realize it was there. I disabled that and restarted Rhino and file size went back to normal… So… maybe that was it.

I just installed RC 2018 here last week. I will re-enable the file exporter and see if I can repeat the problem, also on other computers. If so, then it’s MecSoft’s problem… If not, I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for checking, --Mitch

I am facing the same issue with flamingo plugin. But my models are of moderate size [ 300- 700mb]. Still Its really very hard to work. I have got machine with rtx 2080 ti card and i7 x series with 16 gb memory. If i switch rendered view port on rhino eats all my RAM and doesn’t respond.