Do I need to download Rhino 8 Eval additionaly to Rhino BETA?

It is not clear to me, should I uninstall BETA first? Or I can upgrade it to EVAL? Or no change is needed?


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The background for that question is not immediately clear to me. It sounds like you are not interested in buying? At any rate, depending on when you updated the beta, it will expire somewhere in the beginning of December. If you evaluate Rhino 8 today, that license will expire at the end of January.

I don’t see why the background is relevant Wim, nor how you can infer that.

I am confused given this recent post by Brian.

Just to indulge you, my main concern is whether Rhino 8 Evaluation has the latest updates while Rhino 8 Beta which is now closed does not. Or if i continue using Beta, will I get the updates Evaluation gets?

More people confused here:

Btw, Rhino team should strongly consider simplifying this whole naming mess.
Rhino WIP, Rhino Serengeti, Rhino 8 Eval, Rhino 8, Rhino BETA, Rhino Release Candidate

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No. There will be no more updates to the Beta. That’s why it’s closed. All the updates will now be made to the eval version.

They all mean different things

Rhino Serengeti - the forum category where people post during development of the next version
Rhino WIP - “Work in progress version” - From the beginning to nearly the end of the cycle.
Rhino Beta - “Almost finished version”, transition between WIP and Release.
Rhino 8 - could be anything that covers Rhino 8, from WIP to release
Rhino 8.x Commercial, Educational, etc… the release version.
Rhino 8.x Evaluation 90 Day free evaluation version - typically the latest service release version.
Service Release - intermediate (free) updates to the current version, typically once a month
Service Release Candidate - test versions of the next service release, typically one a week
(there are also “daily” service release candidate versions for the daring…)

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Second question then, in order to download Eval and get latest updates, do I need to uninstall Beta? Will there be any conflict? Or they can coexist in my PC? Will my BETA settings translate into Eval?

I don’t think so. I believe they will be in separate directories. It is possible the eval will inherit your Beta settings - I haven’t installed mine yet. The Beta used your V7 license, the eval will need a new license key, which you see when you are on the download page.

Just installed the Eval here. The installer found and used my Beta language settings (I had 3 installed) and installs in a separate directory. It actually replaced the Beta shortcut on my desktop with a “Rhino 8” icon (without the “Beta”). And, it did import my settings and custom workspace from the Beta.