Beta expires in 13 days

I just noticed my Beta 6 is showing (Expires in 13 days) Is there an update to this or is the complete and working Ver 6 ready to go.

Check out - v6 has been out for a while. Service release 1 is even already a fact.

If I purchase v6, should I remove the beta first, or will it overwrite that version?

I would recommend you remove the beta version and install Rhino 6 90-day evaluation version.

I read somewhere that the beta version would continue working for 2 months after release, seems that wasn’t true. Got an update to the beta version on January 13th, so I would guess v6 wasn’t released yet then. That’s only a month ago so I guess V6 has been out a couple of weeks perhaps? It seems the beta version will expire within a month of release not 2 months after.

Not that it really matters, I guess it depends on when the final build for the beta was released. I suppose they work for 2-3 months Before they expire? If the official version had been released soon after the final beta version the beta would have lasted longer after release.

First 6.0 final was announced here Rhino 6 download live . BETA and WIP builds have always expired at around 45 days since the build was created: WIP6 expires?