Do 5 identical moving parts require 5 sets of keyframes

Making a camera shutter. It has five identical blades that swing to the center of the camera’s aperture. The shutters are driven by rotating an “actuator”, a slotted ring.

Looking for a labor saving technique.

Not a huge job to create a set of keyframes for each of the five shutters, but since they are identical parts, and swing through identical rotations, it seems there might be a short cut.

Example attached. One blade of the shutter has been animated. The other four are yet to be animated.

Thank you for your insights. Michael

export shutter 8-8-2019.3dm (285.3 KB)

The easiest way is to simply use Rhino’s ‘ArrayPolar’ command on Object 0, hence creating 4 copies of the object including its keyframes.


Thank you Luc, this worked immediately. All the keyframes were faithfully copied. Michael