Multiple Cameras

i am making a short animation and was wondering if there is a way to bring multiple cameras into the animations. My plan is to have multiple cameras at different views and to cut to the different views in the animation. Can anyone help? Thank you.

@marika_almgren, can you assist?

In each and every of Rhino’s Viewports the camera can be animated independently. You can create a new viewport (Rhino’s NewViewport command) for every desired shooting position and/or camera movement. When you then Render the animation over and over using each of the Viewports as input, you get the desired shots from various viewpoints.
Be careful: when an animated viewport is closed its animation data (the yellow keyframes) will be lost. Eventually you can save the data to a xml file (BongoSaveEntityToFile command).

Thank you for the assistance. So after I render out all the animations in that the desired viewports, I can take them and put them into a software like Premiere and After Effects to piece them all together. Another question, my animation contains two cars drag racing, how can I get a camera to follow the cars, or better yet, put one in the cockpit of the cars moving? Thank you.

You can attach the camera to a reference point–wait two, one for the camera and one for the camera target that are children of a moving car if you want it locked to it, and those points can be in the cockpit. That’s one option.

To “attach” camera and target you have to use the BongoViewConstraints command, or click the appropriate icon in the Viewports Properties window.