Division of a terrain mesh into sections, problem with data tree


I’m having problems with a division of a mesh terrain into sections. It seems to work properly, but some of the components are orange. I think the problem is that after dividing the mesh, each section consists of different lines (the rectangular border and the curved part of the mesh).
How can I join the tree branches so that each section, that consist of different lines, is a one closed line? The component “join curves” seems to fail for the third list.

I suppose that creating a flattened tree would be the best, but if I flatten the current list it creates too many elements (as curves are made with more than one line).

Hope you can help!

terrain_2.gh (45.6 KB)

Simplify your GH to get help.

Hi, I already simplified it with the use of Internalise Data in the previous file. Now I baked the mesh in Rhino and then import it in GH and internalise it, I also deleted unnecessary plugins. Hope it helps.

terrain_2.gh (176.2 KB)

What exactly means “sections” ?

I.e. Your goal is Contours (makes sense) or Contours as closed Polylines? (easy but makes little sense).