Dividing curve with unequal distances in with Python


I’m trying to figure out a way to divide an arc/curve into different length pieces (or adding points to a curve in specific order). The information I need from this is the points where the arc/curve is divided. So basically the same way as rs.DivideCurve, except with unequal distance.

For example, decreasing gradually (next piece being 0.8 % in length of the previous one): first one being 20, second one being 16, third 12.8 and so on.

Is there any simple solution to this, or does it require some more complex code to it?

Probably would require a small Rhinoscript. Perhaps someone has already written one and will make it available here. @Helvetosaur :wink:

You can even do this with GH components. Just evaluate a curve ( change its domain to be 0-1 for simplicity) and evaluate the curve at unequal parameters t You can have a difference of distances between t based on a function - you can use the graph mapper component for that as a starting point.

I actually found out a piece of code somewhere, which ended up helping me! Thank you guys for help!

As Nicholas suggests, although totally possible with scripting, I actually think this would be easier in GH.