Like AlongCrv, but different


this a strange task.
It can be done manually with no problems, but shall be automatic.

The goal is to get evenly spaced points on a contour.
_ArrayCrv is the wrong tool, it produces even distance along the curve.
I need the same distance between the points.

Ideas how to manage it?


You could do it using grasshopper with a couple of clicks - have it even interactive with distance or points amount and circle diameter etc…

EDIT - hmm or maybe not - what I now see is taht your distance is linear regardless of the curvature… This would need some fiddling with…


Yes, true unfortunately.

Rough idea:
Get the start point of the curve (= last good point)

Make a circle radius = desired distance, center = last good point
Get intersection point from circle/curve
Test, if the intersection is on the curve (in most cases this will be 2 points)
Add the int point to a collection, only if the point was not already there
If success, make the int point the last good point
Start over until no point could be added to the point collection

I still believe there must be an easier way…



use pythonscript: (437 Bytes)

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

Get radius

radius = rs.GGetReal(“type in radius”)

Make sure its positive

radius = abs(radius)

Get geometrical object

obj = rs.GetObject(“Select a curve to divide”)

if obj is curve

if rs.IsCurve(obj):
# divide by length, geet points
pts = rs.DivideCurveLength(obj,radius,False,True)
# create circles out of pts
for pt in pts:


this doesn’t result in equal distances between the points…
I mean the length of a line point to point.


I found this script

Wow, that’s exactly as wanted!
And from what I see similar to my fantasy logic…

Thank you,

oh, okay my fault

now its even more simple : (382 Bytes)


T-O-M-T-O-M :slight_smile:

Doesn’t Rhino have a command for this?

Is there something I am not getting?


Hi Randy - that divides by arc-length along the curve, Charles was looking for even linear distance.


@pascal I see, just rereading this on my dinner break. That is more difficult.

Yeah - RhinoScript has a method just for that - DivideCurveEquidistant().


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Thanks TomTom,

I think simpler is not possible…

CharlesCharles :slight_smile: