Curve division


I would like to split a curve between two points(. I use EVALUETE LENGHT(i’m open to other options) to find 2 extreme points (e.g. 0.1 and 0.9). Now I would like to divide the distance between these points by 5 (eg)( i need points not curves).

Another question, an equal division is ok, but can you divide it according to any ,hmm, rule.


once you have used EvaluateLength to find the first two division points A and B, you can use Shatter to actually split the original curve into smaller sections 0, 1, 2

the middle portion you are interested in for further division will be the middle one, at at index 1:

now you can continue your script with new divisions that could be equals, like this:

or following any “rule” you might want to put down: (10.7 KB)

if you are just interested in points, and not in the portion of curves, you can just use domains: (7.3 KB)

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thank you very much , i think that’s the answer :slight_smile:

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And a very complete answer it is! Nice work @inno

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