Dividing branches with different length

I have many branches in this file ( at the end of file ) and i want to divide final list to sublist that each list has each branch.i want do it automatically because in each geometry i have different section number. finally i want write them to excel in separate columns.
thanks for your help!
for mcneel.gh (21.2 KB)

KCS_hull_SVA.3dm (399.6 KB)


Can you explain this again?
There is the “Partiton list” or you can graft your datatree.
It’s unclear what you need.

for example , in the file i have 4 intersection curve and many points on them. numbers of points on each curve are different and i want to divide the list and have each branch separately.

finally i want the points in each branch separately and write them to excel.

He is referring to this thread:

for mcneel_re.gh (23 KB)

With Explode Tree (BANG!) component you can pick one branch at time.
Or you can use @Joseph_Oster’s tool “vTrE” (that you have already on your file) to pick one.
Then you can use ‘tab’ character to get your data ready to be exported to excel with copy-paste.

Many other solutions are possible. If you use plugins you can direct export into a excel file… i don’t use them so i don’t actually know the name of those plugins…

Edit: seems like you have already quite some answers for your problems, @a.mazloom72 .
Try to “combine” what you have now…