Partition List

Hi everyone!

here is my problem, i would like to divide the branches of this tree by a list of numbers.These numbers and the number of paths of the tree can change so i can’t use the path mapper to separate it. Each new branch with N=76/9 items as a result.

How would it be possible ?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure I fully understand what you want to do, but it seems that you’re looking for PartitionList component: (15.7 KB)

It’s probably better to ask this question on Grasshopper category instead.

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Thank you for your answer Mahdiyar. Partition list works fine but not in every cases. It is not always giving me the right number of branches.

So, how do you want to fit 48 items in 20 branches? maybe drawing the desired lines could help clarifying the problem.

Maybe by looking for something that re-insert the remainders in a last sub list for each branch… well, thanks for your help anyway… (21.9 KB)

that’s it !!! many thanks !!!:call_me_hand::call_me_hand: