Separating branches

in thus picture i have many points for many intersection curves. i want to separate points for each curve and put them in to in excel because i want offset points for each curve.
i’ve done it with TT Toolbox for importing in excel and it worked but my problem is that all points are together and i can’t separate them!GH excel

Unable to help here,upload gh file. If its “internal” i suggest use “simplify” and then shift list- this might group all the sublist’s together.


KCS_hull_SVA.3dm (399.6 KB) thanks for your answer. in this file i have many sections in y direction . the geometry has 55 parts and i use group and graft but finally i have 55(part)*7(sections) intersection curves but i want to reach just 7 branches! (14.8 KB)

Instead of Group I used Bounding Box (BBox) with ‘Union Box’ checked.
Instead of offset surfaces (yellow group) I suggest planes (white group), but both give the same result. The errors are due to the fact that one of the surfaces/planes doesn’t intersect the ship at all. (27.1 KB)

If you hide the Preview you can use the ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool to see the curves in each branch (in random sequence) before they are joined into single curves, one per surface/plane.

If you want points instead of curves, I’m not sure what to tell you…?

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thanks a lot man . it worked. now in this file i want to separate the points on each section but i reach all points together in excel. can you help me my friend? (19.5 KB) hull-points

Well, it didn’t work as well as we would like since the Join after PShift doesn’t result in a single curve per plane. I missed that detail. Consequently, DivLength creates additional branches in the data tree, one for each curve segment. Another PShift will consolidate the points for each plane into a single branch per plane but the points will be out of sequence and need to be sorted. (white group) (27.6 KB)

Sorting fails in places on the hull where the section curves double back, and the points aren’t evenly spaced due to the curve segment discontinuities. You really want only one curve per plane.

The reason you don’t have that is that your hull sections don’t all match each other at their edges, as seen in this image (below) where the result of Join should be a single ‘Open Brep’ with no gaps.

Basically, you have a leaky boat. Ultimately, you will need to slow down and understand all of these issues, including data trees, to get anywhere with Grasshopper.

Running the X, Y and Z values through Entwine will destroy the branches that keep the section curves (planes) separate from each other.

I don’t have this plugin so didn’t try to take it any further:


By the way, I use and recommend Contour to get section curves like these.

thanks man. i am working on it and will tell U the progress.

The screen shot of your spreadsheet is not really clear about the format you want but you might want to explore the Pt2Num (Points to Numbers) component. If you graft the ‘P’ input, you get one branch per point with three numbers per branch: X, Y and Z.

You still have the problem of keeping all the points for one plane separate from the others. so you might want to BANG! (Explode Tree) after Sort and before using Pt2Num? Note that Y has the same value for all points in each plane…

Note that Pt2Num has a companion Num2Pt component that does the opposite.

@Joseph_Oster actually yes I still have problem with keeping points for each plane.
in this level we have the points for each plane but in one tree. if I use Bang i must set the out parameters manually and i want to do this GH file automatically.

and about your suggestion pt2num it doesn’t help us because then we still do not reach the goal( separate the points fo reach plane)

What are you going to do? How about Anemone to get one branch of points at a time before converting them to X, Y and Z values? ( using either pDecon or Pt2Num ) Those points are still a mess though, for reasons stated earlier.

@Joseph_Oster well i am stopped at this level. i want to divide branches but i can not!!

Do you understand what I meant by using Anemone to get one branch of points at a time before converting them to X, Y and Z values?

I download Anemone plugin and i am trying to work with that but still i am not successful . can you help me with an example?

Something along these lines, except you want to write to an Excel file instead of a text panel: (32.8 KB)

Note that I enabled ‘Record data’ on the Anemone Loop End component. Depending on how you write to your Excel file, you may want to disable that?

Here is another example that writes only X and Z values for each point since the Y value is the same for all points in each branch. Again, where you insert the code that writes each branch to a file is up to you. It could be at the Anemone Loop End output or at the Insert Items component within the loop. Do you understand what Anemone is doing, handling each branch of the tree separately? (32.3 KB)