Divide to fit specified surface

curtain wall.gh (19.3 KB)

Please tell me, how to divide to fit surface made by me. I want to make curtain wall,
Please check if there is anything wrong in the file below.

You didn’t internalize your curve.


From the components I see in your GH file, it looks like a 3D geometry, yet your images show only 2D?

I don’t understand your goal? Maybe a Bounding Box around the blue curve?

You’d better understand about the “Trimmed Surface” first. If you trim a single untrimmed surface, “Trimmed surface” still remember it’s underlying original untrimmed surface.
That’s the reason why you got the panels outside your trimming boundary when you are using Isotrim.There are numerous topics about that and it’s a good idea to search and study the base theory.

The goal is to create a curtain wall using the algorithm I made in the shape of a blue curve.
The blue curve is 2D plane. And, by algorithm, the blue curve is made into surface, divided, and offset.
You may not be able to understand well because I’m not good at English. I’m sorry. :sob:

So, is it impossible to fit the algorithm to that trimmed curve?

This could be a way.

Surface Split_re.gh (13.9 KB)

Was the Kangaroo plugin used?

Yes. In Kim’s script.

My pannel still not working even with this turn around, i don’t know why the plugin still see the surface with the trimmed part.panel still bad.gh (148.1 KB)

29 DAYS LATER”? Are you sure this is the correct thread?

I have no idea what I’m doing here but can find interesting ways to connect components… The SrfSplit (green group) looks clean and interesting to me?

panel still bad_2020Sep30a.gh (148.6 KB)

This is slow - ~10 seconds.

panel still bad_2020Sep30b.gh (147.5 KB)

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Instead of Using Boundary Surface, which will always generate a Complete Surface and may not match the Edges, try to use Bounding box to get the most optimum box around the curve.
You alsotest if the Panels inside or outside the Curve, either test using normal GH Components or C# script like here:
Curtain Panel Test.gh (13.3 KB)

Here is the preview:

What would you expect while you are using Surface Split? It"s result would be almost always “Trimmed” right?
Check this mesh result as well for less burden of your machine.

panel still bad_re.gh (143.3 KB)

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Many thanks! the thing is, i didn’t splitted anything… i generated the surface with xnurbs and in the rhino display info it didn’t showed that it was trimmed!

thansk man this is what i meant

It seems you don’t understand what I mean. You surely did it(Surface split) in GH.

ahh yes, of course, sorry… i thought you were reffering about the primary surface