Divide rectangle into grid of 1x14

I have a rectangle and I would like to divide it into a grid with one row and 14 collumns (this is a stair for a floor plan).

_divide (n = 15) (you can subselect the lower edge of the rectangle mac: cmd+shift+klick pc: ctrl +shift + klick)
result should be points that serve as construction
(subselect the left, smaller edge)
_arrayLinear n=15 , pick the distance of the construction points to specify the step-length

(EDIT: subselect: cmd+shift+klick pc: ctrl +shift + klick)

Thank you, I’ll try this!

ctrl+click does not subselect one edge. I can only select the whole rectangle…

SHIFT + Ctrl + click…

shift ctrl click also does not subselect…

Does here…

You can actually do this without using Divide as well.

  • Duplicate the leftmost vertical rectangle segment (various ways)
  • Call ArrayCrv, select the duplicated segment as the object to array
  • For the curve to array along, sub-select the bottom rectangle segment
  • For the number of objects use the number of spaces you want plus one (i.e. for 14, use 15)
  • Delete the first and last arrayed segments - the ones that are concurrent with the rectangle sides.