[Request] Sub-Select joined curves

not sure if this is an actual request or if there’s a way to do this that i don’t know about… if there is, let me know.

otherwise, i imagine this (sub-selection of joined curves) has already been requested but i couldn’t find a thread on it… a basic example of needing to do this would be to draw a rectangle then wanting to _Divide one side of it without exploding it or drawing another curve to divide etc…


This will be in Rhino 6 which would I bet eventually trickle into Mac Rhino too but I can’t say when. In any case, it’s on deck. Once I get my hands on an early v6 build, I’ll test it to see if divide works on the sub-object curve… good idea.

It is in V6. I tested it just last week. It works well.

great news. thanks :thumbsup: