WISH: subdivide edges

A small request, if possible: In “subdivide the edges”, it would be possible to do this by selecting more than one board? In addition, you could add a option “point” in the sections where the edges were divided? (So you understand visually the cut edge portions).
Thank you

Hi! There is a _Divide command (Curve > Point Object > Divide Curve By) which lets you add points at certain segment length or at equal distance with a given number of segments. You can pick an edge to divide.

I assume you want to split edges in equal segments. In that case you run _SplitEdge with Point snap afterwards. (I don’t see much practical use to that though.)

I meant the “Edges” tool. If I have an edge, and I wanted to share it anywhere, so the operation is performed, but visually you have no feedback of the action performed (and then you have to choose one edge at a time, instead it would be quicker to choose more edges).

For example, I want to shift more of an edge (colored ones). When I run the command “SplitEdge” the operation takes place on the edges, but I have not visual feedback of operation. You might think of something a marker to highlight the sections where the edges were divided.

Hi Davide,

Yes I like this suggestion:

SplitEdge highlites the split points while the command is running.


Exact! The operation is performed but not seen to have been made.
(Then it would be more convenient to select multiple edges: you would more quickly!)

As a workaround for now:

First run command _ShowEdges with the option Show -> All Edges

Next Run _SplitEdge; the newly split edges will update in the view!



Maybe a macro like the one below is an option for now:

!_-ShowEdges _Pause Mode=AllEdges _Enter _SplitEdge

Anything goes. But I think you have to show that a command (in this case split edge), was performed. You not currently understand, unless you do as you say.

Hi Willem - it does that now, if I understand what you mean - a little ‘blip’ shows at each split point inside SplitEdge, … I am not sure what is being asked here.


@davide76 are you not seeing these preview points?

Ok you see. But you should always activate “Show edges”, or nothing and no one tells me that the operation was performed, and in what specific points of the edge … I do not know if I explained

How about saying it like this:

You want an indication where you split the edge.
Even after you have run the command _SplitEdge you want points where you split.

Do you want point objects added to the document? In other words, have an option in split edge to also create point objects where you split the edge?


Currently it is not clear that the split edge command has executed the operation, less than invoke the command “Show edges”