Divide flat list into Branches of different lengths using Replace Path component

hi. test.gh (2.9 MB)

I am trying to construct a new data tree using the branch organization of another tree’s branch lengths. Both tree when flattened have the same amount of items and I am using the ‘Replace Path’s’ component.

Please see the image and attached GH file. Any help would be appreciated!

Graft your data and then have 2 flat lists going into the path inputs. All lengths must match.

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Thanks for the reply, your solution didn’t use the list of breps as an input, but rather used the output of the dispatch node.

My goal was to ‘divide’ a source list (the list of breps) by another data tree’s branch lengths as a pattern. I forgot about ‘partition’. This gave me the result I needed.

I think this may be possible with ‘replace paths’, but is not necessary in this instance it seems. Thank you for the help.