Map List items to Predefined Tree Structure

i have a list of breps i want to organise in a tree with specific structure.

First branch will have 2 items, 2nd will have 4 items, 3rd will have 0, etc…

I already have the tree but with other data stored inside.

So the question is how do i map a new flattened list to this predefined structure.

List length of existing tree (flatten output) -> portion list of breps. Match tree afterwards, if your existing tree has a deeper path.

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Thanks! i used the Match Paths component from Tree Frog and it did exactly what i needed. Match Tree i couldnt get i to work for some reason :

“1. Input trees must have equal number of paths”

i was inputing a flat list of 177 items and on the other hand i had a tree structure with 75 branches but with a total item count again of 177, so every item from the flat list fits the tree structure.

Thanks anyway!

That’s why you use Partion list with list length as described above. After this step you will have equal amount of paths.
But nevermind if you found a solution :slight_smile:

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oh! ok i get it now, thanks for clarifying!