Divide curve by ratio


Is there some easy way to find point from curve to use same ratio as some other curve?

I think it pretty often when extending…
I know it is easy to calculate using paper and pen but it would be nice to have some fast command…

You could try with the percent one-shot object snap - although it’s a little complicated maybe.

  • Start the Point command.
  • With the Osnap panel visible, hit the Shift key and hover the mouse over the panel. You will see a “Percent” checkbox, check it.
  • Click near the end of the curve you want the percent from
  • At the command line type 715/3121*100
  • Some snap points representing the percentage from the end will show up on the curve
  • Click on one of the snap points to set the point.

What makes it complicated is that the percent expects a number between 0 and 100, not 0 and 1 as a fraction, so you need to add the *100 to the fraction.

Another way, perhaps easier.

  • Start the Flow command.
  • Select the point on the original curve as the object to flow
  • Select the original curve as the base curve
  • Make sure the options in Flow are set to “Stretch=Yes” and “Copy=Yes”
  • Click on the corresponding end of the target curve to place the point at the same relative length point.

Hi Pascal, flow works well :slight_smile:
Thank you, great job!