Can I use osnap percent in rhino for mac?


May I ask can I use osnap percent in rhino for mac6?

I read MC NEEL Document about this.
press shift key and you can find percentage osnap??
or this function can be used for Windows only?

Snap to a curve a percentage from the end.
The curve is marked with temporary black points that are automatically snapped to.
If the percentage is less than 50, the curve is marked with multiple snap points. For example, when using 30, you get snap points at 30%, 60% and 90%.

@pascal will get back to you on this.

Hello - it is there, but you need to type ‘percentage’ to get at it, it is not on the ‘one shot’ osnaps on mac, I’ll see if that can be added.

RH-58532 Percentage osnap


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Hello Pascal
Thank you for your comment.
but when I typed “percentage”,nothing have happened…
could you please explain more details.
sincerely regards

Hi @ahai197631

In order to use percentage, first you have to run a “creation” command as the _line tool. So try this:
1 Run _line and press Enter
2 Type percentage
3 Select the line that you want the percentage to be applied to
4 Type the value of the percentage and press Enter
5 Click on one of the different percentages that appear on the selected line

Hi @jespizua

Thank you for your detail explanation.

but when I try on my Rhino for mac 6, after create Line ,and Typed “percentage” in the Command prompt box,
but It seems that Rhino don’t accept this Command…

so , I can’t go on your step 3 “Select line that you want the percentage to be applied to”

is this “percentage” only can use for windows?

thank you and regards…

Did you press Enter after typing Percentage? I can confirm it works on Mac, it’s the OS I use.

thank you for your clear explanation.
I finally succeed “percentage”.

before I failed it because of the timing of Type “percentage”.

at that time I Type the command “percentage” first without selecting any making object command(like “point”),
I should have typed it after select “point”.

anyway thank you for your help!!!

Could the _Percent snap be moved to the more exotic snaps and allow for the _From snap to be in the first “one shot” (without pressing Shift or Control)?

The _From snap is used with _End + _Int + _Mid + _Cen + _Quad and it is NOT in any way “logically related” to either _PerpendicularFrom or _TangentFrom regardless of it’s name.