Divide a surface and get area of "sub-surfaces" without using the 'surface split' component


As described I would like to extract the area of each sub-surface that are created when a surface is splitted by a list of curves.
But the ‘surface split’ component is extremely slow -.-
(4.9 minutes when the length is set to 1 (in the example I have set the minimum to 3 so you dont get stuck))

So i hope that somone have a good idea of how i can get the area of each fragment without using the ‘surface split’ :slight_smile:

Example.gh (10.2 KB)

Best Silas

Have a try this way.

Example_reV1.gh (14.8 KB)


Thanks for the quick answer, it works a lot faster this way.

Do you think it would be possible do something even faster?

I thought of something like creating a mesh from the lines and then calculate the area of each face. But I’m not even sure if you can create a mesh with tri- and quads faces in the right places and if you can get the area of a face.

Have a try ngon plugin.

Example_reV2.gh (15.1 KB)

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It is mostly the Region intersection that i slow and not so much the Boundary Surfaces.
That is why I thought of something like a mesh, because then there is no need to find intersections.

But thanks again

Never mind,
I’ll just stick to your first solution.