The problem of creating a center point on the surfaces

I do not know why the Area component could not create a center on some of surfaces which is generated by Split Surface?!

What does the error message say on the Area component?

Posting your GH file with internalized geometry is usually much more informative than images alone.


data (19.2 KB)

You didn’t internalize your geometry Surface.

P.S. I hooked up a Sphere and see some cool patterns but…?

P.S. I tried a hemisphere and it looks much better.

data (20.8 KB)

But I see you have posted geometry now.

data (70.5 KB)

I internalized the geometry. Thank you your help.

When Area fails, or is too slow, the Average of Discontinuity points saves the day.

data (68.1 KB)

This would have been easier if you included your GH file with internalized geometry in your first post.

Here’s two other ways using Lunchbox plugin…

data (78.5 KB)

Yeah , I’m practicing" Data Matching" by this algorithm.

Yeah ,I’m a beginner,Sorry
Thanks a lot for your help. You saved me

Beware all your effort for data matching will eventually be in vain if you flatten all your data and splitting the surface using your flattened data(lines)… If your desired result is splitting surface, then Lunch box would provide the same…

It took some fiddling around but I managed to cull the same surface fragments WITHOUT the text panel list of index values, which was not fully parametric.

data (77.1 KB)

Using different parameters for Divide Surface:

Thank you so much.I think it doesn’t work for all numbers, but I’m working on it and the new components I’ve learned from you.

That’s because other parts of your code are not parametric as well. I played around with it but got a little lost using Relative Item. This might be a way to get part of it? (white group)