Divide into 115 pieces and 6 different sizes

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I have to divide the area in the file that I have shared at the bottom into 6 different areas of 115 pieces. Is this possible ? if not, how can I separate all of them into 115 equal pieces? I would be grateful if anyone could tell me how this could be done. Thank you.

x1.3dm (46.4 KB)

Yes it is possible there are many strategies. Division with lines using Galapagos for example or making some some division in one axis then in one other … and many mores surely.
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Here a solution but there are many other. In the simple way it divided the surface just with one axis, so it slices it. The you can resubdivide it.

The idea is to first mesure the surface of slices with equal distribution. The use these surfaces to calculale the good interval for constant area per slice. Here I use geometric calculation.
It the example I work with one division i the Y axis and then a division with a specified angle. The only problem is here, theses lines cut the surface in 2 areas. It generate some problem. So angle for you shape must be more than 110°

115 equal area

Here another solution, Cooki eater one. The idea is to make a boolean soustraction with a defined area (here constant be could be evolutive) and a cookie cutter (here a circle)

Here some first scripts
split surfaces recursion.gh (26.2 KB)

For this one you will need Anemone plugin (for recursion)
split surfaces.gh (34.8 KB)

And a version with oriented growth, I turn a bit the shape in order to suppress some problems.

split surfaces recursion v2.gh (24.4 KB)

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