Dividing surfaces into the least amount of quads

Hello there,

So far I have had to use SplitFace to split a surface manually to get this result, but there must be a way to use grasshopper to do some kind of nesting to get this result.

Does any one have an idea or know about other software that can do this?

Thank you

Hi David -

That is very well possible, yes. You haven’t provided enough information, though, to get much help. Other than providing a gh file with your geometry, you will need to let people know what criteria there are to split up things.

Reminds me of this one.


rectangles.gh (18.9 KB)

This later post in that thread has more refined code and more complete attribution for it’s lineage.

Hello everyone!

Thats almost exactly what I was looking for and it works beautifully, the only difference would be that sometimes I need to use shapes that arent always orthogonal.

Was there a gh expression that I missed that can do this?

Thank you!