Distort the tree branch gemetry to randomized shapes different from one another

Hi everyone…!
I’ve been doing this scrip that generates an organic wooden geometry that forms as I connect it to any curve n rhino. Basically, I successfully generated the script that enables me to automatically bring this form to any curve or geometry. But after modeling the p[roject I found that the shape this script generated is very repetitive. therefore instead of this repetition in the geometry, I want it to be more organic such that the ‘tree branch’ geometry differs from one another.
this is the jpeg and the gh file

Handrails.gh (25.2 KB)

Is there a specific method or did I make a mistake in my script? As I am a kind of beginner in grasshopper I am unable to identify the mistakes and errors. please kindly guide me through this.
thank you.


You could rotate and mirror your input mesh randomly to produce more variability.

It would probably be also beneficial to have more than a single base mesh to distribute.

Handrails v2.gh (30.1 KB)

thank you so much … Do you perhaps know how to change the base mesh ?
the rotation i tried … it doesnot give a goood output as the gemetry doesnot change. it would be best if there is way to alter the base mesh. i dont know how to change that.

Yes, if you provide a couple of meshes, I can show you.