Parametric "tree shape

hi guys… I was wondering if it is possible to do something like the image below… defining points that could be easily altered do create different forms but with the same “appearance”

I am having trouble to find out how to create this kind of loft with this different shaped arcs…

any idea or command that would be useful?

thank you

i was able to build this but the lofting is very weird…


As always upload file…

You can control the Z deviation by adjusting the range input on the Random component. You could use a graph mapper for more control.

here’s a better version using the graph mapper: (15.1 KB) (14.7 KB)

this is awesome!

I am having some troubles with the lofting part when i change the shape too drastically… but the code works very well. If I figure it out how to solve the lofting problem I will let you know

Thank you very much!