"Distance/Length" numbers not showing up

I am having a problem just displaying the actual readout for the "Distance/Length "feature. I go through the command, and after I go through the sequence the "Distance/Length " value doesn’t show up/display in the Command Bar.

This is working here… what version of Rhino are you running? This is in the Help menu>About Rhino and then look in the lower right corner. The latest would be Rhino 5 SR10. If you are using the same, can you post a simple file that doesn’t report a distance or length result in the command line?

I am using Rhino 5 SR 10. I just installed 5 on this new laptop a week or so ago. I have a desktop, and another laptop that I use that do not have this issue. Am I missing a setting?

I went to my other computer, and noticed that there is a command read-out bar, above my command bar. I must have deleted this. How can I restore this?

Fixed It in the Command History… Thanks

You might just need to drag down the command prompt area to expose the command history field above the prompt. If you don’t see a command prompt at all, you can use the command ‘CommandPrompt’ to show the command prompt. Ironically, if you can’t see the command prompt you won’t see the option to toggle it’s display… I’ll file something for this. In the meantime, if this second scenario is the case for you, type the following exactly:
commandprompt>then press enter>s>enter>y>enter