Display Problems with Rhino for Mac RC1

thanks @SHOCKJOY, I will try it tonight once I get home.

Problem over here: Apperently there is some sort of a huge memory leak happening. rMBP w/ 16GB on 10.10.4. I have to restart rhino every couple of hours, because there is no “Application Memory” left. Rhino has accumulated around 17-19GB according to Activity Monitor by then.
Even if nothing else is running the OS X dialog (No Applocation Memory left › Force Quit or Resume) keeps popping up.

I do like the new Icon :wink:

Hi I seem to be getting a viewport issue. I downloaded a model from the internet to try to learn how it was made. (it is a rhino model) On opening the model, I find that intermittent viewports go white as I am trying to work with them? If I zoom in or out of the white viewport the model comes back into view along with the grid or if I work in a viewport I can see, the model appears then once I remove the mouse the white comes back.

Any Ideas



I’ve had the viewport issue as well, mostly when opening files downloaded that were created with earlier versions of windows Rhino.

However, in another thread it looked like it was due to my video card being a 512mb stock 120GT. However, I’ve recently seen other threads on the whiteout issue with people having relatively recent video cards with 2+ GB, so I’m no longer so sure it’s the card.

LewnWorx, My graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB and my mac is relatively new so I think we could rule out the video card?

Think you’re correct. Ran into it last night, so rebooted running the video off a 4 GB GTX970 and an hour or so later it surfaced again. Don’t think it’s card related. As Mentioned elsewhere seems to crop up when I have more than one rhino file open. Doesn’t even have to “stay” open as I may open another file to copy something out it, paste it into the file I"m working on and then close it and still have it occur after the other file is closed. It seems to occur MORE frequently if I have multiple docs open. It’s not a RAM issue as I’ve got 24 gb installed and this occurs where I haven’t even used all the hardwire ram, typically I’ve got 6-8gb free and rhino’s never using more than 4-6 in most cases.

What I don’t know with 100% certainty but have a gut feeling of is that I can’t recall a session seeing the issue where I started from a clean boot and only worked on a single rhino file for the entire session duration. This leads me to believe it has got to have something to do with multiple files being open, and perhaps has something to do with them being on multiple displays, as I 'll have the one I"m “working” on on the left display, open another, move that to the right display, copy or whatever I’m going to do, go back to the main file and keep working.

Once again not an empirical determination but a good hunch based on repeated exposures to the issue.

@marlin, did you see these?

Please join this thread on this topic. Please post your Rhino information from About Rhinoceros > More info… in that thread. Thanks.

Apple has not yet released 10.10.4. 10.10.3 is the current version of OS X. Are you able to duplicate this when running 10.10.3?