Block not Displaying Right

I have a drawing and made a block out of it. Some lines are totally gone, but when I select the block its all there, but its not displayed for some reason… Example.3dm (409.5 KB)

Hope someone can help

Note: This has nothing to do with the pen display bug, Im working in wireframe.

Hi Shynn- BlockEdit (double-click on the block), select all and ClearDrawOrder - does that do it?


That was it, great!

Thank you

Hello, sorry to bring this up again, but Im having trouble with blocks display once more.

I have 3 points on this block, and I need them to be seen, at the front. No matter what I try they will never come to the front.

Here is the file if you Pascal or anyone else can take a look at it. Sample.3dm (880.3 KB)