Block Visibility Bug

Hey there, I’ve experienced a repeating bug in my current project. I’ve created some curve-only blocks and right after the creation, it became invisible, although it can be seen using ctrl+A. I’m attaching sample file - exploded geometry and the invisible block next to it.

Any idea?

block visibility bug.3dm (150.4 KB)

Solved by Pascal. Thanks once again.

I see the problem with the model but can’t see a workaround. On the other hand, I can’t duplicate the problem… Works fine here.


I can repeat the problem, not sure why it’s happening.

@Pascal Maybe you have an idea of why the closed curve is becoming invisible once it’s made into a block?

Edit: I can repeat the problem in your file with your curves. But if I create a new file here and draw some curves and make a block it works as normal.

Hi Jonas - run ClearDrawOrder on the curve before Blocking (or use BlockEdit and ClearDrawOrder after the fact) Does that look better?


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Thank you, guys.
It also happened with open curves. Yes Pascal, that solves the problem, thanks again.