Display Prob - Hidden Lines in and out in Shaded Mode

Hey guys

Any ideas of how to fix this? (pics attached) At some angles I get hidden lines, and then other times it’s fine. making very hard to both model, and show to client. I’ve seen other topics about this from 2014, but I’ve already tried those suggestions.

Erverything is modeled in Rhino except for the feet of the desk. I’m not concerned with those mesh lines) - and disregard those color crvs in the BG

  • I’ve reset the shaded display to default (except taking out isocurves)

  • I’ve reset GPU Driver to original manufacturer

Thanks in advance

Hello Alan,
Would it be possible to send us the model / its part to reproduce the error? Which Rhino do you use? I believe it’s caused by tolerance, size or distance from the origin.


Yes, we’ll need a model.

My guess is you are Zoomed into close detail in a file that covers a much larger coordinate area, so this happens.

If that’s what it is, exporting just these objects to a separate file and working them there should fix it.

@Jonish, @John_Brock

Thanks for the replies. Here’s the file. I exported to a clean file with just the desk model, and it indeed works ok now.

How can I set Rhino to be able to handle everything I need it to without the very (very, very) inconvenient need to separate my construction crv/geometry from my modeling?

Thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.


Well, the short answer is you can’t.
Rhino display was designed for objects that generally stayed in the viewport.
It has problems when it is pushed way beyond how it was expected to be used.

I know this has been on the radar for improvement for a long time.

I don’t understand it. Units are OK, origin is OK, geometry is simple - yet the problem persists on my computer as well.

You could make things a lot easier on yourself by using the Layout feature and move borders and titles to separate layouts. Another layout could be used to collect all your symbols.