Shaded Mode Shows Hidden Lines

Hi everyone,

Today I have updatet my Graphic Card driver but I am facing a problem now with my shaded view mode - It shows Hidden Lines! And this happens when I activate Antialiasing on my Rhino 5 Settings. When I turn off Antialiasing, It shows proper Shading mode of Rhino - Do you know what is the problem ?

I am running Windows 7 pro - 64 bit on Macbook Pro.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I just solved a very similar problem to yours and I tried almost everything until I noticed my drivers were recently updated. Just downgrade your drivers and all will work again. 14.301.1001.0 is what caused the issues on my pc also.

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Yes you are right - I just downgraded it and it’s working fine now.

Thank you so much !!