Display Precision no longer working in latest Rhino 6 update

Last month I could change the Display Precision on the Properties page under Units and it worked. But not now. How can I fix this?

Here is a screenshot of the Document Properties page where I changed the Display Precision to 1.0000 and clicked on OK:

And after I did this, here is a screenshot of my document window with the default of 0.01 still displayed:


Hmm, seems to be working here in the latest SR6 RC (6.6.18156.11421, 05-Jun-18)


What does the display precision setting actually do? I’ve never noticed that setting before?


Exactly what the name says… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It allows you to set the number of decimal places that Rhino displays with numbers in the command line/status bar. Dimension display precision is set separately in dimension styles; both are independent of the file tolerance settings.

Rhino always calculates stuff out to like 12 decimal places, but you with this setting can choose how many you think are significant to see. It’s purely visual and does not affect calculations in any way.

Duh! I knew that! Aging in place…as I sit here!


We had hail in Oregon today. Now the display precision is working again. No computer re-boot since I reported it not working. Restarted Rhino previously but that made no difference. So it must be the hail, a rare event just like the display precision not working. One cancelled the other. Have a good day. Mine is looking brighter now with the sun back out after the hail and display precision working again.


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Excellent. Hail usually works, but if not, I usually try beer.


Hail Rhino !!! :raised_hands:t2: