Display Precision Issue

Hi, I’ve installed Rhino 6.4.18093.10341, and I noticed that the units display precision is not working well, it seems like the precision set to 1 even if you changed it in the settings to another value.
and I downgraded to Rhino 6.3.x and it works.
Just to get you know, if this is not a global issue, please tell me how did you fix it.

Hello - you’re referring to the setting in DocumentProperties > Units > Display precision, correct?


You only ever see one decimal place, in say the Distance command, is that correct?


yeah this is what I’m referring to, It seems literally like it has been set to 1 even if it is set to 1.x

Hello - how are you determining that it’s wrong? - in what commands specifically? I’d like to reproduce this but so far it seems to be as expected.


This happens only with version 6.4.18093.10341

Ah, OK - BoxEdit - this has been fixed… service release 5 should have the fix.


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