Problem locating show mesh wire option in Rhino 5

I am attempting to eliminate mesh wires from a model I cannot find the category in Tools/Options
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Thank you for your response, I did get the View, Display Planes, Wireframe to show at left, but cannot navigate to get the Mesh Lines box to show at right.

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Do you mean you do not see the nested pages for Objects in the didplay mode settings? Can you send a screen shot of what you see? In the meantime mesh wires can be controlled via the Display panel as well.


Thank you for your response. I will send you a screen shot of what I have tomorrow morning.
I am not at the computer that has Rhino installed.

May the tears of my Brothers be dried by the winds of my prayers.

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you went too far into the dialog-

Give me a quick synopsis of how to navigate Rhino Options

tools>options>view>wireframe (or whatever view you want)

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Thank you!