Display modes not good on big files

Let me explain. Wireframe, almost instant. Shaded, almost instant. Rendered mode, couple seconds. Ghosted, close to rendered. Arctic mode same as rendered. All others , I think I could wait for hours. These are artistic, pen, ray tracing,technical mode.
I admit a 1 gig file is big.
I have updated video drivers this month. Would someone on the Rhino development team like to do a remote possibly?thanks,Mark
Perhaps the modes that are not responding I should stay away from with large files or maybe the computer I am using is getting unable to handle these file sizes.
This V6 windows.

All the modes you mention use the Technical 2D display pipeline as opposed to the OpenGL pipeline. Technical display first generates display meshes that are only used for this purpose. This takes a long time on bigger models.

Furthermore, I believe that the display itself is still the same as in RH5.

Except Raytraced, which does use OpenGL pipeline in the background.