Display Mode features and ApplyEdgeSoftening

Any idea on when display mode features will be implemented, such as “import display modes?” The feature is still grayed out in the commercial release. There are a few custom display modes I like and hope to use. Also, will the ApplyEdgeSoftening command be added at some point?

Yes, that’s planned for a point release. There are a bunch of rendering related tools that still require porting of what we call the Rendering Development Kit or RDK for short. This will also help plugin developers who write rendering tools. I’m not sure where this land in terms of development priority but know it’s on the list.

Can you post an example of the modes you’re looking for? I’ll make some screenshots of the settings to recreate them if I can.

Thanks. I’m interested in the custom stylistic display modes that have a different background image and/or different shading textures, like the “Blueprint” or “Patent” custom display modes. They are described here: http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/advanceddisplay

I have not been able to import them, since “import display modes” is greyed out. Maybe I’m overlooking something.

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Thanks, that page has links to the images used as the background for those two custom display modes. Although Rhino for Mac doesn’t currently support import/export of display modes you can use these image files to make new custom versions of them. Here’s a screenshot of Preferences>Display Modes. Start by selecting Technical and then click the + symbol. This will make a copy of the technical mode. Then use the image downloaded as the background. I made a few other quick changes which are circled as well as disabled the Grid display in the Grid section of the display modes settings.

Import/export of display modes is an open bug right now and will hopefully get added in a point release soon.

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Any chance of posting a screenshot of the settings for the Patent display mode as well please? I attempted to recreate it, but the shadow settings mentioned are possibly not implemented in the Mac version. I.e., I can turn on shadows, but I cannot get the line shadows as shown on the mentioned wiki page. Am I missing something? Thanks.

Thanks for writing me. I’ve been away for the summer, but will be back at work, and using Rhino in about a week. I will put this in my calendar.


That custom display mode (patent) can’t currently be replicated on the Mac. There is a shading effect section to the technical display modes on Windows Rhino with the option of parallel lines versus standard shading. I’ll make sure this is filed as a bug now but I bet it was something that wasn’t possible on OSX given our current display code.

@BrianJ any news on ApplyEdgeSoftening command ?

Edge softening would be possible after v6 migrates to the Mac to my knowledge. I don’t know when that will be exactly but I have heard positive things about porting the Windows only display features to the Mac so hopefully it won’t be too long. I think @andy knows the most here from a developer stand point.

ah so it won’t be implemented in V5 for Mac ? :frowning:

Not to my knowledge no.

Hi would it be possible to get a screenshot of the Simple Bright display mode settings as would work for Rhino on Mac? I love that display mode but I havent been able to replicate it on the the mac.

It looks like ‘simple bright’ is a variant of Artistic or another Technical mode. You can make it on Mac by starting with Artistic and making a copy as explained above in this thread. Then set the background to solid color, shade objects, enable GPU lighting and change the edges drawn to just silhouettes in the Objects section for the modes settings. To not draw edges or hidden lines set the pixel thickness to 0 for those.