Imported custom DisplayModes not being applied when switching machines

I’m trying to develop a collaborative workflow which allows us to move from model to drawings but keeping a model live (no make2d) and keeping it all in Rhino. To break it down: we are building a model, cutting sections of it, placing detail views of those sections in Layouts, applying a Custom Display Mode to those Detail Views, then annotating it all in multiple sheets in Layout.

Its working nicely until you try to open on another machine.

The problem we are running into is that even when EXPORTING the custom display modes and IMPORTING them on the other machine, all the detail views revert to WIREFRAME and we have to manually apply to every viewport.

We are working in Rhino 7 (both mac and win). Seems to demonstrate same behavior moving from Mac to Win or visa versa or even between same platforms Mac to Mac etc…

Is this typical?
Is there a way around this?