Display Material Bump textures


When a material has a bump textures, and you create a display material like “new DisplayMaterial(myMaterial)” it looks blue, I tried to assign the texture by myDisplayMaterial.SetBumpTexture(myTexture) but it looks blue too.

Do you know if it’s a bug or there are any other way to do it?

I used the carbon fiber material from food4rhino.com but it’s happening with any material:



Video where materials are swap:

There are certainly differences. Can you explain what you are trying to do? Do you have some sample code that demonstrates the problem?

Hi Dale,

I’m just trying to draw some objects with the same material (or quite similar) than document material.
I’ve realized that the problem only occurs when viewport is set to rendered display mode, all white parts of the bump texture are drawn in blue.

I attach a dummy project to demonstrate it, by default the plugin will change all viewports to rendered mode, it add 2 spheres with a material, and show the same objects using conduit pipeline.

Here a sample:

And here the plugin for VS2012 in C#:
DisplayMaterialDummyProject.zip (6.4 MB)

Anyway if you have any question please let me know.

Thanks and regards

I’ll have to look into this for a bit…Bump mapping requires special pre-processing of the render mesh to create tangents and binormals in order for things to work… My guess is that the conduit based drawing is somehow circumventing that process…but I’ll need to step through the source and watch to see what happens…and I can’t do that at this moment in time. I’ll try to run some tests this weekend and get back to you.


Hello Jeff,

Ok, thanks.

Kind regards.