Display fix for Bongo?

Has this been fixed? I don’t have Bongo loaded on V7 yet, so I can’t test it but it was a huge pain when I was using Bongo in V6.

The latest WIP should install Bongo 3 WIP for Rhino 7 Beta automatically. Have you updated to the latest Bongo WIP?

I haven’t messed with this too much. I did some small fixes to have object and layer visibility update in preview modes. Lights and materials still need the click by click scrubbing. I’ve avoided resolving it since it can slow down the preview quite dramatically. Does this generally get in the way, or are there specific things like material colors you tend to animate?

No, I haven’t updated. And, unfortunately, I rarely use it. But when I do, I need to see the preview. I’ll see if I can update when I get time & see what the current status is.