Vray next and bongo issues swarm not working during "render animation" process

Is this a known issue? I’ve done a few tests and ite seems the “render animation” is not using the nodes in the network. They work to render single images. It’s just happening when rendering from bongo. Are there any other known issues to be aware of? Will there be a service release fixing them?

@Peter.Chaushev - Are you able to help with this one?

We’ve just confirmed the issue and it is currently under investigation by the dev team. Thank you for your report!
Hopefully, a solution will be ready in time for the next upcoming update.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA

Hello, again, @fernandosorianello
Our dev team reported a solution relies on a change in Rhino which will be introduced with its next major version (v7).
I am afraid there is no workaround I can offer you in the meantime.

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Do youn know if this is solved in the recently released Rhino 7?

The issue has been resolved for some time.

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@Peter.Chaushev I installed the latest Rhino 7 SR RC and V-Ray 5 and Bongo 3 are still not working together. Is there a chance to get the crash bug fixed soon? It would help to test Bongo 3 and to make it more stable.