Displacement is super slow, extracted mesh is fluid

I found that displacement runs super slow in v6, this is bit weird because when the displacement is applied to simple surface @very high it becomes superslow but if i’ll extract render mesh and hide srf with displacement extracted mesh runs super fluidly without any hassle.

I know that on single surface it is bit overkill but: 840560 total triangular polygons

Even more strange: i made array 3x3 with total ~7,5 million poly and still runs fluidly on extracted mesh while 2x2 planes with displacement on killed viewport

In sr2 same setup - speed as previous but now it looks like perforated (due to shadow)

I might be wrong lower sun casts similar shadow.

Yep speed is the same srf with displacemen is slow and extracted mesh is ok

Hi @D-W,

I just fixed this. The fix should be available in Service Release 3.


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