Displacement repeat

In both 5 and 6, you play around with texture settings (tiling,rotation, etc) and displacement setting to get look you want, and high quality, and take time to wait for it…and to add mesh to doc you type extractrendermesh and then it displaces once again, so you have to wait again…Depending on options chosen and on system running Rhino, can take a bit.
Is there simple command to just ‘grab’ the mesh being used to draw the preview without having it have to displace again?

Does this occur when working with a 4K display? Or are you working on a 1K display?

I personally don’t have access to a 4k display so no way of testing that, 2 machines tested are standard HD 1920x1080 and wider one 3440x1440

Hi Chris, no, not that I know of.


OK, thanks for looking.
with some bitmap textures with high repeats and cranking displacement options to get great looking mesh, sometimes takes a minute or two, and the preview mesh seems to be exactly same as mesh that is output, just was hoping way to quickly use mesh that is already made and avoid duplicating displacement routine.